Sunday, April 19, 2009


My last post was about Yanni's new music album 'Voices' & it happened to be popular among my readers..Even one guy asked me how long has Yanni had cut his long hair.. :)
This post also goes to Yanni lovers(plus every other music lovers) but it's not about Yanni.This will show a new path to Yanni lovers to enhance their music sense.
.."KITARO".. He is a New Age musician & instrumentalist who has a japan origin & who has composed great instrumentals plus movie sound tracks..Even though Yanni & Kitaro have their identical music arrangements, they also have some similarity which you will be experienced after listening to their music.
I'm not going to compare Yanni & Kitaro any more but I'll do it later in a future post.. This post is to talk about Kitaro..

Kitaro is inspired by japanese traditional music & special instruments..
He use synthesizers to make unique voices/tones & traditional japaneese drums which are added to his music thoroughly.

Kitaro composed two movie soundtracks, "Heaven and Earth" and "The Soong sisters". He won the Golden Globe best original soundtrack with "Heaven and Earth", the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan and the best original soundtrack in Hong Kong International Film Festival with "The Soong sisters".He was nominated for the Grammy Award six times in his music career. Without any music education, Kitaro isn't able to read the music staff. He wrote down his music in his own way.(Yanni was also used to do it) But he is indeed a multi-instrumentalist. Besides keyboards, Kitaro also plays guitars, flutes, taiko drums, and many other instruments. He is a composer, instrumentalist, and producer. Sometimes his albums are also arranged by him.

Kitaro gives credit for his creations to a power beyond himself. "This music is not from my mind," he says. "It is from heaven, going through my body and out my fingers through composing. Sometimes I wonder. I never practice. I don't read or write music, but my fingers move. I wonder 'Whose song is this?' I write my songs, but they are not my songs."

Composing across cultures, combining all the races, without forgetting the tradition, Kitaro has become a renowned contemporary musician. In spite of all of these, he is a humble, modest and warm person privately. He grew up in a Buddhist and Shinto family and is pious to religions. He thinks that he is just a messenger to bring the vitality and spirit of mother earth to us.

Kitaro's style now is different from before. The use of instruments is more extensive. Some people said that he lost the feelings of peace in his earlier times. But, no matter now or in the future, no matter how Kitaro's style changes, Kitaro's care for this mother earth and his contribution to music will never change.

I have added some of his music to my playlist which you will see in the top right corner of my blog..Enjoy them for now & I will add more music plus music videos of great artists for your enjoyment..


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yanni is back...

Greek born, self taught keyboardist, pianist & musician..,Yanni is back on track with his latest album Yanni Voices, the first studio release after a period of 6 years... He has joined with the Oscar/Grammy award winning producer, Ric Wake, to create new music and discover extraordinary vocal artists,viz Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas & Leslie Mills.

VOICES is the 1st release in Yanni's career to prominently feature vocals & for the 1st time lyrics have been put to his classical compositions..

On April 10, 2009, Yanni makes his return to the performance stage after a 4-year hiatus. The YANNI VOICES tour will feature Yanni's most popular fan favorites accompanied by dynamic visuals, dazzling choreography and show-stopping vocal performances by the four "Voices".
The tour will also feature Yanni's orchestra comprised of musicians from around the globe. A GRAMMY-nominated artist, Yanni's music has been featured in major ad campaigns, films and sporting events including several Olympic Games since 1998.

.(left to right)........Chloe...........Leslie Mills.......Nathan Pacheco....Ender Thomas..


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting to know each other..... Hello Guyz..

Since this is my 1st post 4 this blog, I thought of giving you an idea about what this blog would be...
Music+more will bring you articles about all time favourite music, bands, their unrevealed biographies.... , great musicians in real time..i.e Yanni & Kitaro...& music lessons on key board/piano...
This blog is dedicated to people who enjoy their lives to the fullest...
.....Life Starts here........


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